Roll-Line: Traditions of the Past, Technologies of the Future

«Ролл-Лайн» — российский производитель оборудования для тонкого лаваша. Работаем с 1995 года в г. Пскове.
We design and manufacture automated lines.
We provide a high-quality product and convenient business conditions.
●  From 5 to 8 days is the time for the start of the new production line
●  25 years in the market
●  From 10 % is the minimum advance for equipment leasing
●  Every 3rd customer buys the 2nd modular line (DM)
●  100 % in-house development

Continuous Improvement
is our Core Principle

Roll-Line cooperates with both small bakeries and large bakery complexes, making its best for each partner. We know how it is difficult to bake delicious lavash, so we design equipment that simplifies the task. Automated lines eliminate heavy manual labor, and you will be surprised by the characteristics of the finished lavash.
If the customer needs a specific solution, personal equipment, another size, technical innovation, we will execute it in a short time. We are always in touch: we advise on work processes and the business as a whole before and after the purchase. Our modular lines have proven successful and efficient in Russia, Armenia, France, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the USA.

“The key to stability and growth of Roll-Line is in the professional behavior of our employees and managers,” Manvel Yengibaryan, CEO

«Залог стабильности и роста «Ролл-Лайн» заключается в профессионализме сотрудников и руководства», Вайцкус Павел Витаутович, генеральный директор

Свою миссию видим в упрощении труда производителей лаваша. Поэтому стремимся внедрить автоматизацию, сократить ручной труд без потери качества готовых изделий. «Ролл-Лайн» дорожит репутацией: мы собираем честные отзывы покупателей и продолжаем общаться с ними даже после окончания гарантийного срока. Нам важно убедиться, что оборудование помогло достичь поставленных целей, а работа на нем была комфортной и безопасной.

Our mission is the simplification of the operating process in the production of thin lavash. Therefore, we seek to introduce automation, reduce manual labor without loss of quality of the product.

Roll-Line values its reputation — we collect real customer reviews and go on communicating with them even after the warranty period. It is important for us to make sure that the equipment helped to achieve their goals and the work was comfortable and safe.

Call us and we will find a solution for you

Roll-Line will become a reliable partner in your business development. Everything is ready for our cooperation — call us today by +7 (921) 396-07-17 or write and we will find the best solution.

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