Автоматизированная модульная линия для производства лаваша (Легендус)

Предлагаем автоматизированную модульную линию для тонкого лаваша «Легендус». Оборудование производит прямоугольные, круглые и овальные изделия, по характеристикам сопоставимые с ручной работой. Работает с тестом: 25 кг муки, 14 л воды и 0,7 кг соли. Из 30 кг муки производит 40 кг готового лаваша.


• Efficiency: 150 kg / h
• Масса: 6500 кг
• Габаритные размеры оборудования, Д/Ш/В: 20000/1400/2200
• The thickness of the finished product: from 0.3 to 2.5 mm
• Power consumption: up to 120 kW
• Operating staff: 2 people

Standard Equipment

Item Quantity
Touch control panel 1
Rolling section No. 1 1
Rolling section No. 1 1
Rolling section No. 2 1
Rolling section No. 2 2
Transverse and longitudinal stretching 1
Cutting table 1
Cutting molds 2
Return conveyor 1
Tunnel oven 5
Humidifier conveyor 1
Range hoods 2
Equipment datasheet 1

We will Consider the "Legendus" Location in your Production Facility

We will develop free the layout of the “Legendus” modular line on your premises. We will take into account all standards and room parameters. We will think over a convenient organization of the production process for your workers.


Roll-Line Engineers Brought Every Detail to Perfection


Make Rectangular, Round, and Oval lavash of an Excellent Quality

For whom we developed “Legendus”

The “Legendus” modular line will help small bakeries and bread-baking complexes to build a profitable business. We recommend it to:
the beginner manufacturers,
the existing bakeries to improve processes and increase efficiency without expanding staff,
those who want to reduce costs and improve product quality.

Eight More Arguments in Favor of the Modular Line “Legendus”

Advanced most powerful model. “Legendus” is an advanced version of the modular line DM.
Proven efficiency.Our engineers tested each solution, and users confirm the performance.
Teflon coating of all multi-shaft blocks. мультивалов.
No waste. After cutting, the dough returns to the bin.
Convenient settings.You can easily adjust the thickness, width, and length of the finished product.
Without a large staff.Only two workers can handle the modular line.
Free advice.We will tell you how to get the most out of the modular line and share the recipes for delicious thin lavash.
Warranty and after-sales service.Within 3 years, we promptly repair, replace parts, and prevent losses because of the downtime.

The modular line “Legendus” guarantees the production of high-quality, thin lavash with two workers per shift. Powerful equipment will help to enter the market or provide a foothold in a profitable niche. Call us now!

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