Roll-Line offers high-tech equipment for the production of thin lavash

We help reduce costs and increase revenues within the first week

• Unique equipment models
• Complete solutions for the start of production
• Превосходные характеристики готового продукта

Предлагаем комплексное оборудование для производства тонкого лаваша. Разрабатываем автоматизированные линии в нашем конструкторском отделе, изготавливаем на собственном производстве в г. Псков, Россия.​

Линии для производства тонкого лаваша

Automated lines for rectangular, round, and oval lavash

Our engineers have found technical solutions that guarantee the perfect result for lavash. The modular line (DM) is equipped with three rolling units and six Teflon multi-shafts on each unit. They roll out the dough without much pressure, simulating manual work. Thanks to such rolling, lavash is soft, as if homemade, and has a nice taste.

Who needs our equipment

Roll-Line partners are manufacturers interested in the best quality of finished products and in reducing costs. 
We are especially useful for those who: 
•  produces lavash by hand, tired of problems with workers and uneven finished product, as well as high production cost, 
•  enters the market and wants to build a profitable business, 
•  looking for a way to expand and improve existing production, 
•  wants to reduce the production cost without compromising on quality. 

Equipment lease
without collateral

We seek to provide customers with favorable business terms and offer to buy any line on lease. Get a set of equipment for an advance of 10 +% of the total cost within 14 working days.

We eliminate advertising costs
and make you market leaders

Market entry strategy: instead of advertising materials, you distribute lavash produced on our equipment to wholesale suppliers and gain up to 60% of new orders within a week. It is convenient to work with us. We:

• Facilitate workflows. Our equipment involves automated solutions and reduces manual labor.
• Consider your opinion – your configuration, timing, and cost preferences.
• Control quality. We introduced our own multi-stage equipment testing system before selling.
Help to enter into your business and provide recommendations on how to earn on lavash.
• Conform to the international level. In addition to Russia, our equipment operates in Armenia, France, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Bulgaria, the USA, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

Write or call us today and we will find the best solution for your business.

Russia, Pskov, st. Soviet Army d. 56
tel. 8 800 333 24 95 (Call within Russia is free)
tel. +7 (921) 396-07-17
tel. +7 (999) 213-40-92
Mon–Fri from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sat, Sun is day off (Moscow time)

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